GRAVELOCK is an environmentally friendly product that reacts with clay to assist with stabilization and dust control.  GRAVELOCK holds proven product status with Alberta Transportation for being a stabilizer and dust control agent. 

Clays have a natural ion charge that causes it to attract and hold on to water 

(hydrophilic).  This water is held in the clay particles and is referred to as 

“adsorbed” water.  The traditional ways to get rid of this “adsorbed” water is by adding cement or lime to the soil.


GRAVELOCK will achieve the same result by reversing the ion charge that holds onto the “adsorbed” water, therefore changing it from hydrophilic to hydrophobic.  This change to the clay is permanent.   

GRAVELOCK will help the road to achieve greater strength, hardness and bearing capacity.  It will also make the road far less susceptible to moisture.   

We have seen roads improve up to 1000% in CBR values (California Bearing Ratio). 




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